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Now I'm just being random :P
Enjoy :XD:


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Dysart McKay (Sketch) by ETSChannel

First of all, here's a tip, if your only gonna make J2S fan art, you should start off with someone easy, for me, I started off with Hel...

Miseryville's queen by HeinousFlame

hey here's an idea for the show, how about adding a NEW character, and not just a "minor" character a "main" character you know, one wh...



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Originally a Surname, now a used as a first name, I am confident and reliable, at all times I give the very best of myself, with strength of character, I stand up for what is right, and I'll never tolerate injustice of any kind.

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Gonna be changing everything up, including appearances, stories; and backstories etc. nalright tid all I wanted to say :B


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.:Mr. D-Man:. by Dysartist
.:Mr. D-Man:.
Name: Mr. D-Man

Age: Unknown (but probably the same as Dy's)

Encounter: After getting tricked into trying on some various masks (by Alice) Dy's inner childish behavior came to life along with his absolute Dark side Mr. D-Man was born - and after experiencing it's pure power, Dy found it rather awesome to have such abilities so instead of taking it off (like a smart one would) he decides to keep it on a little more longer. But little does he know that the longer he wears it, the more control the mask gains over him.
.:Dysart McKay:. by Dysartist
.:Dysart McKay:.
Name: Dysart D. McKay.

Age: 16.

T.o.B: Half Breed.

Backstory: From the way before to the now and then Dy has lived an endless life; but that doesn't mean it was all grand - to be precise, on day the twins were born the Elder's Council began having their concerns about them both following in their father's footsteps; so without any hesitation they seek out to the parents requesting that they can simply take the children to have their minds wiped so that they'd be able not to remember about their abilities and family - but of course they disagreed and decided to keep em' to themselves (as intended). so the instead the requested that children were to be isolated from civilization and agreed but one of the councilmen never much agreed to the solution and knew that one day one of the children will awaken. So he left and was never heard from again 450 years later the children have grown of age where they were able to learn the basics (such as combat, arching etc.) and one day of arching one of the boys missed the target and Dyson agreed to go and grab their one and only arrow were it was stuck in a tree, so after retrieving it they Dy heard a giggle up from the tree at first he thought it was his brother til' he realized he doesn't sound like a girl when he giggles; suddenly a distinct "hello" was heard then a young girl jumped down from the tree and stated her name (Dain) and asked him for his Dy replied and stated his name and asked if she was an outsider (seeing that he never knew that they were close to any civilization whatsoever, or were they?) the girl answered "yes I guess" and asked him if he would like to be her friend; the boy agreed and the girl hugged him and said goodbye til' next time. And since then Dy's curiosity managed to gain the best of him and left him wondering how long have they him and his brother (Dravon) locked away from society and why - the next morning Dy and Drav went out to the same arrowed tree where he met the girl and sure enough she was already awaiting his arrival. So for the next 5 decades they've all been the best of friends (and yes they've kept their friendship from the parents) and together they would often wonder about seeking adventure but had no luck whatsoever, then one day Drav decided that they all should sneak away to the outside world for once and see if they would actually find something or someone and so they all agreed to do so sure enough all went in the woods hoping the reach the end of the forest and right when they were about to go the met up with another outsider, a young demonic girl with horns and her name was Scarleta and she was an Infernian who still had much to learn about her abilities as well, the three asked where she was from yet she couldn't remember anything and again the three asked her if she would like to join them on quest to wherever so Scarlet agreed. by the time they could reach end of the forest the sun have already coming to a set and all decided to call it a day, but when they got home they found that the twins home has been raided and inside on the table there was note that read "You should've listened." never knowing what it meant but it didn't mean good so without any second thoughts the four set out to reach the end of the forest and find what happened to their parents; and from point on they've all were being hunted down by the same person that took the twin's parents - however to Dy it is all seems to be nothing but some horrific dream that would happen from time to time. Nowadays Dysart tries to make the best of what he has and yet has no idea what that dream meant (you see Dy went through the state of "Rebirth" and has forgotten about his previous life since, but doesn't really seem to care one bit about it.
School Appeal by Dysartist
School Appeal
And here is a display of both of the twins wearing the academia's school outfit - don't worry I will have other displays of the other schools as well this is just glimpse of what I have so far.
Enjoy B-)
.:Staci Smith:. by Dysartist
.:Staci Smith:.
Name: Staci Arietta Smith.

Age: 16.

T.o.B: Siren.

Backstory: Dy's energetic intelligent phased out girlfriend; before - she was once an alone cautious girl who knew how to lookout for herself along with her unique ability that helped kept her alive, then one day a boy and his friends tried to .. integrate with her soon after her struggle the boys had her pinned frightened and afraid Arietta ended up exploding with phase energy instantly killing the boys - unaware of what just happened she decides to find help for herself at a nearby orphanage and for the next five years she was able to master her anger and hasn't had any recent 'accidents' then one day she got adopted by a young couple known as the Smith's. The mother saw her and was interested to know more about her but the only info they had on her was that she came to the orphanage one day - clothes all torn and such - sure enough the Smith's adopted Staci and brought her home to meet her new sister - who was just getting home from school - right then Alex and Stace became the best of friends. Then one night both Alex and Dave (the dad) were coming home after getting supplies for a surprise b-day party the had planned for Stace, they were stopped and pulled over by some men who looked like the authorities - they started asking questions about the whereabouts of a young girl they had been searching for many months now, Dave had no idea who he meant and said he really must be going but before he could even go onto the road the man shot at them hitting the accelerator unfortunately Dave was hit and bleed out before even reaching the hospital and crashed. about a year later after the incident Staci decides to show Alex her ability and explained that those men might have been looking for her, Alex forgave promised that she tell no one that same night the same men showed up from last years incident demanding that they do as they say or more will die sure enough Hailey (the mom) reacted by throwing a chair (literally) distracting them as the girls escaped but before she could even stand she was shot in cold blood and after seeing her mother die Staci yet again burst with rage killing off all the men in an instant. They each give their last farewell's and both left the scene of the crime authorities assumed it as burglary gone bad - as for the girls? missing in action - from this day they've been living it up in a city known as Rapid City.
.:Dana McKay:. by Dysartist
.:Dana McKay:.
Name: Dana "Dain" McKay.

Age: 16

T.o.B: Mythic Enchanter.

Backstory: The well educated loveable optimistic twin sister of Dysart: orphaned at the age of ten Dain has been searching for her twin brother for five years then after finally reuniting with him, Dana promised herself that she would let nothing draw her family part again. However neither one has no memory of their passed lives yet both don't seem to care to know why or even bother to find answers - instead they each decided that whatever happened to them to let it be by-gones and just live out the rest of their lives; Dana possesses the ability of light (which she wears has an accessory) and is a master at enchantment making her a fierce opponent on the field, she can also do the basic abilities such as strength, flight and so on. Basically wherever her brother goes, she goes.

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